Captain Catchemall

Fishing gimmicks are a plentiful. The basic truth of a good fishing trip is that you need a rod, good bait, some know-how, and some luck. The Bait Saver Cup was created over 20 years ago by Randy Taylor, known in local circles as Captain Catchemall. The Bait Saver Cup is a revolutionary slip float designed to make your fishing experience easier and safer.

Eliminate snagging your hook on someone during a cast. Your jig casts farther than ever before, and your bait stays on your hook no matter how powerful of a cast you desire. Once the Bait Saver Cup hits the water it acts like a small boat for your bait line. Pulling on the line causes your bait to move up and down instead of dragging on the bottom.

Built of rugged materials that will last a lifetime right here in the USA. Whether you’re a novice at fishing or a pro find out why the Bait Saver Cup will be the best money you’ll spend on fishing EVER. We stand behind the Bait Saver Cup with a money back guarantee.