The Bait Saver Cup


Increase visibility when a fish bites.

Greatly reduce snagging bait on debris.

Eliminate “hooking” during a cast.

The Bait Saver Cup changes forward pull motion to upwards drag. Your bait (especially a jig) will act more like live bait. It’s like you’re on a boat.

You’ll be able to cast farther than regular set fishing kits as you don’t have to worry about losing your bait during a distance cast.

Reduce underwater obstacles catching your hooks. The Bait Saver Cup allows your bait to jump over branches and other obstacles with greater success of clearing.

We want to see your success

Send us a picture of you, your catch, and your Bait Saver Cup. We will select participants every month and send them a free Bait Saver Cup as a thank you.

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